Choosing the Right Security System for Your Needs

There are many kinds of security systems and deciding which one is the perfect one depends on your needs.  Perhaps you need a closed-circuit TV security system (CCTV), a simple alarm system or perhaps, a security system that provides complete security via a host of devices.  Regardless of which one you need, we have them all, at wholesale prices.



A CCTV security system is a network of cameras that is setup to capture and record video images.  Most individuals and businesses use these systems for surveillance and monitoring purposes only. However, the cameras can be used in several other applications.

You’ve seen CCTV in numerous movies – detectives or police using them in their investigations.  It has been statistically proven that the videos captured are very effective in solving crimes because they record and capture the crime as it unfolds and thus create valuable evidence for court trials. 

Because of this, many people use security cameras to keep their homes, families and business safe and secure.  Based on many studies, the very presence of security systems has discouraged criminals, therefore preventing crimes from happening.

If you are worried about leaving your kids alone with the babysitter, a security camera keeps an eye on things. With a security system, you can access your surveillance feeds and monitor what is going on at any time, worry-free.  Or, if you're going on a long vacation with no one to watch over your house, the security camera will do the job for you!


Alarm Systems

The components of an Alarm System may include sensors, detectors, sirens, cameras and a main control panel.

The control panel acts as the brain that communicates with every installed home security component. It arms and disarms the system and is also designed to sound the alarm in case of a break in. You can choose to have the panel anywhere where it is easily accessible. The control panel will use your phone line, or a cellular connection to alert the service provider and the local police department, if programmed to do so. In order to operate the control panel, a pass code is used. Some control panels also use specialty proximity key fobs. 

Sensors are designed to detect any intrusion, break-in, or any other breach of security in and around the house. A sensor, upon detection of a break in is designed to send signals to the main control panel and alarm. Alarms are designed to go off after receiving information of a break in from the control panel. The alarm should be loud enough to inform both the occupants and the neighbors. Some may prefer a silent alarm that discreetly informs the local authorities.


Access Control Systems

When it comes to securing your business against burglars, your priority is likely limiting who can and cannot enter your building.  The best way to do so is by installing an access control system, which provides unmatched safety and peace of mind. With these types of security systems, you can restrict specific areas of your facility to certain employees, making it virtually impossible for those who don’t belong to gain entry without a key card.  Access control systems store invaluable data on who entered, where and at what time.



Value Built-In is the Leader in Wholesale of Security Systems

As a top Wholesale Security System company in North America, Value Built-In is a leader for innovative video surveillance solutions.

There are many benefits that people have come to enjoy from newer security cameras and surveillance equipment. These cover much more than the usual monitoring purposes people regularly expect from their security system.   Although most of our neighborhoods are relatively safe and most people that surround us relatively honest, security systems provide an added sense of security that consumers need.

Having a Security System installed will also increase the salability and value of your home!

Value Built-In distributes wholesale security cameras and surveillance equipment across North America. We have been involved in the industry since 1983 and rightfully gained a top spot among security suppliers. We are committed to providing the largest selection at unbeatable prices, regardless of whether you need to upgrade your security system or add one to your home or office.   Our website illustrates our wide-ranging selection of equipment.