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Why Get a Beam Central Vacuum System?

Beam Central Vacuums are all about the modern cleaning concept. They are a fast, easy, and efficient solution when it comes to clean homes.

They hold greater value than regular vacuums by providing you convenient, easy, and efficient cleaning for ultimate performance and durability! They operate with hardly any noise, so you can avoid disturbances.

All you have to do is insert the hose into the central vacuum wall inlet and start cleaning. Beam Central Vacuum’s light weight and flexibility lets you handle your vacuum effortlessly: there is no pushing or carrying a heavy vacuum around spaces where it doesn’t even fit!


Benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum System

  • Light and easy to use
  • Quiet and Serene
  • High Power
  • High quality, high efficiency
  • Clean Indoor Air, Clean Results

    Beam Central Vacuum Packages

    We have different Beam Vacuums at wholesale prices, depending on your needs.

    Check out our featured Beam Central Vacuum packages below and find out why we are the best choice for your Central Beam Vacuum.

    Our Central Vacuum Packages include everything you need when buying a vacuum. In the long run, it can be better to choose a central vacuum package over individual products, depending on what you need.

    Beam Central Vacuum Powerheads

    After choosing your central vacuum unit, choosing the powerhead is the most important part.  Powerhead is the main actuator in the deep cleaning process and it is crucial that you select the right powerhead according to your performance needs.

    Don’t see the vacuum powerhead you like?
    Browse through our wide selection of Beam Central Vacuum Powerheads here.

    Beam Central Vacuum Hoses and Powerhead Packages

    Beam hoses are easy to carry and conveniently designed for you to handle them with precision and little effort!

    We have everything for your vacuum needs. Value Built-In simultaneously offers top quality and lowest prices for all Beam Vacuum Powerheads and Beam Vacuum Units.

    Looking to buy your Hose and Powerhead Separately?

    Browse through our wide selection of Beam Vacuum Hoses here

    Browse through our wide selection of Central Vacuum Powerheads here.

    Beam Central Vacuum Power Units

    Our Beam Central Power Units consist of five main components: a central vacuum motor, a canister space, central vacuum bags, central vacuum filter, and an exhaust muffler.

    We offer Beam Central Power Units that will last a long time. This is usually installed in the basement, garage, or storage rooms that are away from the living area. That’s how our Beam Central Vacuums offer better value, as they reduce & eliminate the racketeering of other powered vacuums.

    Don’t see the one you like? Browse through our wide selection of Beam Central Vacuum Power Units here.

    Why Value Built-In and Beam Central Vacuums?

    We are all about offering Value!

    At Value Built-In, we are the leaders in all things built-in.
    We offer value by providing the largest selection of leading beam central vacuums at unbeatable prices.

    Also, you can find value in our free shipping policy on all orders over $99 before tax in Canada, and over $500 in the U.S (exempt from taxes).

    Ordering from our website has never been this easy!

    Once your order is filled you will get your shipment tracking number. 

    Our free shipping is standard delivery. If you would like to get your package expedited just give us a call, have your tracking number ready, and we can arrange an expedited shipment.

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