Beam Central Vacuums for Your Home

Your home isn’t just a place:  It’s the place your family gathers.  Creating a clean environment where your family can make memories is very important and the quality of air in your home might be worse than you think.  This is where Beam central vacuums come in.  Beam Central Vacuums have consistently been the top choice for ensuring your home stays clean. 

We realize that your family’s health and safety are top priority and that is why Value Built-In has been providing best value for wholesale beam central vacuums. 

Whether you need an entire Beam central vacuum unit or just a new powerhead, hose or any other Beam accessory, we provide the best selection at the best price. 


Clean Has Never Been This Easy

Beam central vacuums have been the number one central vacuum choice for over 50 years.  If you still need more convincing, here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose a Beam Central Vacuum:

  • Ease of vacuuming – we mean this in the most literal way. There is no heavy vacuum to pull along behind as you vacuum your home.  You can move with ease, with only a lightweight hose following you.  Days of accidentally tripping over the vacuum or marking up your walls with heavy cords are gone!  Whereas an average vacuum weighs about 15 lbs, a Beam Central Vacuum hose and handle weigh only about 6lbs.  So when you vacuum, it’s easy.  Hoses are conveniently long, so there’s no need to pull a cord like you do with a standard vacuum. And you can turn it on and off using just your thumb, from the switch located on the hose handle. 
  • Thorough cleaning – who doesn’t want this? When you clean, you want to notice the difference! Beam Central Vacuums remove the dust and allergenic particles from your living space into the collection bucket usually located in the garage or basement. Most homes today are energy efficient, but that also means that there is less air circulation which can be problematic for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.  Beam Central Vacuums completely remove polluted air and dirt from your home, and you will notice the difference. Unlike standard vacuums, there is no smell leftover after the cleaning – the only thing you can smell is the scent of fresh air.
  • Powerful suction – Beam central vacuums have very powerful suction with no vacuum bag Instead, a Beam Central Vacuum has a large 15-20L dirt collection capacity in form of a dirt bucket.  There is no reduction in suction as the bucket fills and you generally only need to empty it 3-4 times a year! Beam Central Vacuums are also up to 5 times more powerful than any other standard vacuum cleaner.
  • Quiet operation – since the power units are usually located in the garage or basement space, there is very little noise when you operate the Beam Central Vacuum. You only hear the sound coming from the cleaning head on the floor.  You can control if you want more or less suction depending if you’re vacuuming a rug or the space around a vase, for example.
  • Easy storage – you conveniently store the hose and the 3-way brush on a special hanger in a small space. If you need them, you lift them in a loop.  Once you see the work this multipurpose brush does, you’ll be even more amazed: use it for upholstery, ceiling fans or any other furniture and see dust disappear before your eyes, without irritating them. 
  • Accessories – We said top 5 reasons and this is already reason number 6, we cannot help but mention all the great accessories that you can get with the Beam Central Vacuum. Let us just mention the VacPan, a small opening on the bottom of a kitchen wall where you just sweep all the dust and crumbs and turn it on with your foot, without having to vacuum at all! 


When To Contact Value Built-In

Anytime you want the best quality and the lowest price!  If you’re building or renovating, now is the perfect time to get a Beam Central Vacuum installed.  Incorporating it in the framing stage of construction is ideal time to add the system and all the accessories you need. 

Having a Built In Vacuum installed will also increase the salability and value of your home!

At Value Built-In, you can trust our expertise and unbeatable value, so contact us to see why we have over 1000+ satisfied customers. Value Built-In is committed to providing the best selection at unbeatable prices.  If you are looking to install a Beam Central Vacuum, Value Built-In has the right product for your needs.